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Embracing a membership from a wide range of therapeutic and organisational backgrounds, BACP Workplace is the authoritative voice of counselling in the workplace.

Membership benefits

  • The quarterly journal Counselling at Work journal which covers all current developments and professional issues in the field of workplace counselling, such as research, the legal context and CPD
  • Professional development opportunities including annual conferences and regional seminars/workshops
  • Advice on problems and concerns arising within workplace counselling
  • Access to local local BACP networking opportunities and special interest groups such as the trauma network
  • The opportunity to participate in a national network of practitioners, sharing knowledge, experience and interests across the UK
  • Reduced rates at BACP Workplace events
  • Voting rights - an opportunity to shape the development of BACP Workplace
  • Membership of BACP WORKPLACE networking and dicussion forum on LinkedIn

Current price for the different membership rates are (as of April 2016):

  • Individual membership: £30 (includes hard copy of Counselling at Work Journal, access to network meetings in physical locatons or on virtual networks)
  • Reduced fee membership: £15
  • Organisational membership: £75
  • BACP Workplace's 'Counselling at Work' journal subscription (annual - 4 issues): £30


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