BACP Workplace A Division of BACP

Welcome to BACP Workplace

BACP Workplace is the specialist division that promotes and supports the professional practice of counselling in the workplace.

It exists for anyone interested in the psychological and emotional aspects of health at work and the provision of counselling in the workplace.

Our members work both within organisations and externally, providing workplace counselling from their private practice or through employee assistance programmes.

We are here to support you in your work through providing a professional home where members can

  • Share
  • Learn
  • Support each other

Key aspects of Our Work

Key aspects of our members' work include: promoting and supporting the professional practice of counselling and counselling skills in the workplace; developing positive working relationships and behaviours; trauma support in organisational contexts; employee wellbeing; mental health at work; outcome evaluation; research; providing support for staff in high risk roles; developing effective organisational policies and developing brief therapy models.

Membership costs £30.00 per annum for individual membership. Reduced rates available.